Runs from Friday May 11 2018 to Saturday May 12 2018

Approximate running time: 1 hour and 15 minutes


Studio Series
190 King William Street
Hamilton ON L8R 1A8

Performance Notes

× no intermission

Eli The Musical Guy & Pearl the Shakespearean Girl is an uplifting story for all ages, of loveable, offbeat characters, who've been bred, from before they were born, to be stars. Eli blithely sings and dances his life away, as he's been rasied to, while Pearl, more severe, believes life is a Shakespearean production. Despite their talents, neither has tasted success, which causes Pearl's and Eli's parents to regret their stardom-seeking, child-rearing decisions (after being driven by an unsurpressed craving to live vicarioslythrough their off-spring). Bowing to parental pressure, Eli and Pearl both try to "go straight" by getting jobs in the "real world." Hilarity ensues!

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